Empower the Stars of Tomorrow


Angel Investment

Focus on health care, life sciences, big data, cloud computing, internet security and enterprise application

Cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship with a global outlook

Incubate ideas of new technology in Silicon Valley

Fund of Funds

Provide an opportunity for overseas investment

Combine the tools of over 100 outstanding U.S. and Chinese venture capital firms

Enhance communication and cooperation between international and domestic organizations

Sino-US connect

Create a platform between China and America

Help U.S. startups team up with resources available in the Chinese industry

Westlake Ventures would facilitate a network to address companies’ unique needs for partnerships, suppliers, and potential sources of capital.

About US

Westlake employs a professional, visionary and resourceful team with rich experiences to fundamentally provide startups with not only financial resources but also market information and potential business partners, enabling rapid growth and enhancing innovation capabilities of enterprises.